About the weather app

This app was developed to prove, that production ready SPA app with reasonable UX quality can reach max (100%) lighthouse score .

Please DON'T use this app as your weather forecast app, it has limited numer of requests allowed to free weather forecast by (60 requests per hour)

Made by Tomas Rezac: Github repo

List of features:

  • PWA - works offline with cached data
  • Is installable on phone as web app
  • Search forecast by city
  • Remember searched cities
  • Each of six main weather parameters can be visualized as a chart
  • Show forecast via animated scenery (generated clouds with different size, opacity and color based on rain, cloudiness and sun angle)
  • Show animated rain and show fall, based on it intensity
  • Show animated thunderstorms
  • Show times of sun/moon rise/set and animate sun/moon accordingly
  • Show sun/moon directions from Eeast to West
  • Show sun/moon angle above horizon based on time and period of year
  • Show phases of moon in realtime